Venue Refurbishment

Whether you’re looking to revamp an entire venue, or just a couple of pieces of furniture – we can offer the services needed to bring your furniture back to life. With options for; loose furniture, table tops, banquette seating and even flooring, there is a solution for all problem areas.

We offer a fully project managed service so you can be confident that your refurb project will run smoothly.

Download our 'Refurbishment Options' guide

Our handy refurb guide lists all the services that we offer to give your venue a new lease on life – without having to splash the cash. We have over 24 years experience in the furniture industry and can provide you with a service second to none… Once downloaded contact us to discuss your requirements and the options available.

Re-upholstery Options

Re-upholstery can be used to create a number of desired effects, from repairing damaged seating, to completely changing the look and feel of a piece of furniture and even a venue. Items that can be re-upholstered are:

  • Water based stains and lacquers
  • Low VOC options
  • EU Ecolabel Certification

Depending on the furniture and specific requirements, we offer re-upholstery two different services:

  • Onsite – This means units don’t have to be removed from the venue and can have a quicker turnaround time.
  • Collection & Redelivery – Here, we will collect the items and bring them back to our re-upholstery facilities and carry out the work required. This tends to be done for more complex re-upholstery and large volumes. If this is the chosen route, then ‘stand-in’ furniture could be offered to prevent disruption to service.
Re-finishing options

Re-finishing will help tidy up well-used furniture and give it a new lease of live. When paired with re-upholstery it can dramatically change the look and feel of a venue. Items can be re-finished to the original specification, or to a brand-new design intent depending on the desired result.

If required, a matching service can be provided to ensure that the same finish can be achieved if the original specification is unknown, this can be done for both re-upholstery and re-finishing options.

Items that can be re-finished are:

  • Loose Chairs & Stools
  • Table Bases
  • Table Tops (See next section for more details)
  • Banquette/Fixed Seating (Limited options apply – contact us to discuss your specifications)

Items that can be re-finished are:

  • Re-staining/lacquering – If your timber frames are looking a little dull and faded, then a simple option is to have the wood re-stained either to match existing furniture or in a brand-new colour
  • Powder coating – Chipped and scratched metal frames can be very unsightly; powder coating can cover up scratches and is available in any RAL colour.
  • Frame Repair – If a frame is damaged it may be possible for on-site repairs to the timber structure and to add additional strength

As with re-upholstery, work can be carried out either ‘on-site’ or via our ‘collection and delivery service’.

Table Tops

Table tops are used continually throughout their life in a hospitality venue and can take a fair bit of abuse. To bring them back to life there are a few options available depending on the type of table top you have.

If you’re unsure on what your table tops are, speak to our team who will be able to help.

Solid & Engineered Timber Tops:

These can be sanded down and trimmed (when thickness and material allow) to remove any minor damage, then re-stained to finish – this can be to match the previous finish or to a new stain.

Laminate Tops:

These can be ‘deep cleaned’ to remove any ingrained dirt that cannot be removed via standard cleaning done by staff.

Marble & Stone Tops:

These can be re-sealed to prevent further staining and marks.

If a table top has come to the end of its contract life, and cannot be re-furbished, then in most cases, these can just be replaced with a new top – keeping the original base. Hill Cross Furniture can work with you to replace with like for like, or a style that will complement your venue.

Flooring Restoration

Although extremely durable and long lasting – wooden floors need to be well maintained to ensure their longevity, especially in a hospitality environment. We offer a range of services that can help with the restoration, maintenance, repair and re-finishing of your wooden floors. Options include…


Whatever the condition of your floor we use the best machinery on the market and a range of sanding techniques, to repair the years of general wear and tear, and restore your floor to its former glory.

Maintenance and Repair:

We offer an onsite assessment of your floors to determine what work needs to be carried out, like replacing boards and blocks with like for like reclaimed wood to match the existing floor.

Then we carry out work in a timely manner so that once sanded, your floor looks like new again. To help you care for your wood floor we can also provide the correct cleaning and maintenance products. The products we recommend will be based on the type of finish that is applied to your floor, and will enable you to keep your floor looking its best. We can also offer a regular maintenance package for venues that need a little extra TLC.


We can re-finish you floor to ensure its longevity with a range of finishes from wax to oils. It could be a quick and effective way to bring a new lease of life to your flooring. We also offer a colour matching service so you can re-finish to match the rest of your venue, or go for something completely different.

Storage, Furniture Clearance & Uplift

Here at Hill Cross Furniutre, we offer a ‘full circle’ service, not only do we supply and refurbish products, we can also help with products at the end of their contract life, and also help with storage during periods of time when furniture needs to be off site. We can project manage this from start to finish to help with the everyday pressures that come with running a busy venue. Speak to the team to discuss how we can help and read the options below.


We have our own storage facility where we can store products that are not currently required. This can be for a number of reasons including refurbishment, social distancing, storage of outdoor furniture during winter months and stock call off. So if you are a small venue and need a bit of extra space, or have a chain of venues and want somewhere to store excess furniture, we can help with your requirements on both a short term or long term basis.

Furniture Clearance:

We are passionate about sustainability here at Hill Cross. Part of this has included us achieving ‘Zero Waste to Landfill’ for the past few years.

We can assist with clearance of products once they are no longer needed in a venue – giving them a second lease of life through our partner site, where we offer pre-loved furniture to individuals and businesses looking for cost effective products or furniture suitable for restoration.

It’s a great alternative to scrapping products and helps the environment by recycling and re-using products that still have much to give.


For both the options above we offer an uplift service, where we can arrange to collect the items from your venue and bring them back to our storage facility for you. This can be arranged as part of a package of services.

We work globally with clients and pride ourselves on our ability to provide a five star project managed service.